Where did our love go?

One of the things that gets me about this is he thinks it is very important to be with her and not let her down but it is fine to let me down. He can hurt me but he cannot hurt her, as if her feelings matter far more than mine do. I found out she works in a shop, she is nothing special, quite fat, definitely overweight, definitely plain, yet here is desperate to be able to be with her more and not at all bothered about losing me when I am nice and slim, gorgeous compared to her. What has she got that I don’t have? What  강남 다오안마 does she offer him that I do not? Is it brains? Don’t think so if she works in a shop, it’s an ordinary job done by ordinary people. A brain box would not settle for working in a shop. And, there is more to a relationship than looks and brains. Was it a case of the novelty wearing off? Was it because he got stale and he needed someone new, anyone, just so long as they are new?

Or was it about him being eager to have a challenge? Does he see me as too predictable, a push over now, and she is someone he has to compete to get? Some men are like this. They go for someone if they are more difficult and less accessible, if there are problems. Perhaps she is married or had a boyfriend and that caused the challenge he craved?

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